Allie Oops is interested in sex, in all of its manifestations and justice, wherever it's lacking. She blurs the lines between disciplines and labels, luring audiences in with nudes and then hitting them with socialistic political theory. She fights for rights and fucks for money, always trying to remain acutely aware of the power structures present and systemic inequities at play. She studies the way societies, past and present, understand sex, and how individuals often construct identities oriented by these very understandings. She is fluent in contemporary gender politics, and concerned with the struggles LGBTQIA communities face around the world every single day. She leverages Instagram and other nonconventional publishing platforms to reach audiences directly, always working toward erasing middle men, supporting creative independence, and democratizing media. In short, Allie Oops is a sex worker, an activist, an archivist, and an artist. She also gives really, really good head.